Clifton Hughes - Lead Vocals

Clifton is everything a front man should be. His incredible voice and gift for entertaining will create a memorable event for any audience. Whether he’s singing Al Green or The Kings Of Leon, he can switch his vocal talents from silky-smooth soul to hard-edged rock and funk with ease.


 Steve Leake - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

A member of Hughes & Co for nearly ten years, Steve’s a highly skilled bass player and unmissable stage presence. His talents have taken him touring around the globe with countless prestigious artists. “Good bass players are ten-a-penny, but a good wit is hard to find. So we hired him!” (Clifton Hughes)..



Lee Francis - Guitar,Backing Vocals,Sound

An exceptional guitarist and vocalist, this quiet man of rock ‘n’ roll gives one hundred percent on stage. Having worked with the band for the past 3 years, Lee’s also performed and recorded with many well-respected artists throughout his playing career..


Jamie Welstead - Drums,Backing Vocals,Programming

The newest addition to the band, Jamie’s an explosive and highly visual drummer, whose skills on the kit have seen him collaborate with many prestigious artists. His enthusiasm and passion for playing are evident in his highly animated live performance. Definitely not the quiet..

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